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 VirusZ_III.Bootblocks by Virus Help Team (Update: 7 feburay 2021)

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Jan Andersen
Jan Andersen

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VirusZ_III.Bootblocks by Virus Help Team (Update: 7 feburay 2021)   Empty
PostSubject: VirusZ_III.Bootblocks by Virus Help Team (Update: 7 feburay 2021)    VirusZ_III.Bootblocks by Virus Help Team (Update: 7 feburay 2021)   EmptySat May 22, 2021 10:39 am

Many of the viruses we have added to the VirusZ_III.Bootblocks, will make a checksum changes with each mutation, so there is absolutely no guarantee that the new viruses we have added it will be reported as a virus, because the virus could have mutated and changed it's code. But we will add as many mutations as we possible can.

The VirusZ_III.bootblocks file is free for anyone to use. The file contains some of the bootblocks that Virus Help Team have collected over the years, and that VirusZ III does not recognize, and reports as a 'Unknown Bootblock'. But now VirusZ will report them by name. New bootblock viruses that VirusZ, with the use of xvs.library v33.42, cant recognize, will now be reported. Just put the VirusZ_III.Bootblocks in your S: drawer. If you already have set VirusZ III to learn some bootblocks you can merge the Virus Help Teams bootblock file with your own.

Virus Help Team is in no way liable for any changes, you make to the VirusZ_III.bootblock that we have provided, or consequences there of as Virus Help Team is in no way liable for damages or loss of data directly or indirectly caused by this software.

VirusZ III v1.02 - Download

About this archive:
This archive name : Link to our website

This archive contains these files:

s:VirusZ_III.Bootblocks - Must have a size of: 77.024 bytes

You can always download the newest version of this archive at:

Please, don't trust downloads of this archive from anywhere else. It is very easy for someone to make a fake archive of this, and make you believe that it is from Virus Help Team. Only download this archive from Virus Help Team at, then you know it is the real archive.

7 february 2021 Size: 77.024 bytes - VirusZ_III.Bootblocks can now find:

327 - Virus bootblocks
1.981 - Hamless bootblocks

Kind Regards
Jan Andersen and Jan Nielsen
Virus Help Team
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VirusZ_III.Bootblocks by Virus Help Team (Update: 7 feburay 2021)
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