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 Anti-Virus programmers, we need your help

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Jan Andersen
Jan Andersen

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Anti-Virus programmers, we need your help Empty
PostSubject: Anti-Virus programmers, we need your help   Anti-Virus programmers, we need your help EmptyMon May 04, 2020 9:20 pm

No one from Virus Help Team knows anything about programming at all. So we are currently looking for antivirus programmers that can help us, by making a brand new antivirus program, that must support the xvs.library, xadmaster.library, xfdmaster.library. And must be working from Kickstart 2.04 and forward. Virus Help Team will support you with all new viruses an trojans, that has been found since the release of xvs.library v33.42.

Just to be on the safe side, we will need to see an anti-virus program that you have made, supporting the library's above, before we will send any viruses or trojans.

We have been trying to contact Georg Höermann (VirusZ), Heiner Schneegold (VT-Schutz) and all the other anti-virus programmers from the good old days, but there e-mail adresses aint valid anymore. If any of these 'Old Time Antivirus Programmers' read this, and havent thrown there Amiga in the dumbster, and will dust off there Amiga and want to help Virus Help Team and the Amiga users all over the world again.

Please contact Virus Help Team if you want to program an antivirus progarm with our help and support.
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Anti-Virus programmers, we need your help
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