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 Jackal Trojan (vprot10.lha)

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Jan Andersen
Jan Andersen

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Jackal Trojan (vprot10.lha) Empty
PostSubject: Jackal Trojan (vprot10.lha)   Jackal Trojan (vprot10.lha) EmptyThu Apr 30, 2020 9:07 pm

Hi All....                                              30 april 2020

An new trojan has been found. It was shortly on Aminet, but have been
removed now, by the admins.
The trojan will install a bootblock virus, where you can read this:
Here is some info about the trojan:
Trojan name... : Jackal dropper
Trojan file....... : vprot10
Trojan size..... : 1884 bytes (packed with CrunchMania)
                      : 2284 bytes (unpacked)
Trojan archive : vprot.lha
Archive size.... : 4.322 bytes
Archive info.... : * Small utility that stays in background and detects
                          any change on resident memory vectors. Very easy to
                          use. Just put VPROTECT in your startup-sequence file.
                       * Doesn't work from Workbench.
                       * TIP: if you click both mouse buttons on VPROTECT
                          window it will scan resident memory vectors again.
                          If nothing happends memory is ok.
                      * Not tested on KS higher than 1.3
                                                                              Johan Jyllson

When I testing the bootblock virus. Under Kickstart 2.0 and 3.1,  after
I rebootet with the virus  in memory and booted  from the floppydisk, I
did get  Checksum errors on the  both floppy  disk. If it is the virus,
I'm not sure, but I tried it twice and got same error.

VirusZ III v1.04 with xvs.klibrary v33.45 (or higher) can find this trojan
and bootblock <- Link to download VirusZ <- Link to donload xvs.library
Thanks to CrashDisk for informing us about this trojan.

Jan Andersen
Virus Help Team

Ascii of Jackal bootblock virus:
Jackal Trojan (vprot10.lha) Jackal

HEX of Vprot v1.0 trojan:
Jackal Trojan (vprot10.lha) Jackalhex
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Jackal Trojan (vprot10.lha)
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